Vision & Mission

– Indonesia’s independence can be achieved by a sustainable of national development in all areas of life.
– Economic development is a part of national development which also covers tourism development. It can be realized from the active role of its stakeholders including business entities in Hospitality, Restaurant, and Food Service that were united in one organization.

– Maintain good relationship among business entities in the hospitality, restaurant, catering and food
– Participate in developing the national tourism potentials.
– Develop the ability of members by providing interactive consultation, guidance as well as coaching and
training  to improve the quality of hotel, restaurant, catering, food services, and tourism education
– Consolidate its members with all elements of national and international tourism potential.
– Being active to promote Indonesian tourism both in domestic and overseas to support local tourism
– To conduct the research, planning, and business development.
– Coordinate and cooperate with various Professional Association for Hotel, Restaurant, catering, food
services, and tourism educational institutions.